The Second Workshop on Intelligent and Interactive Writing Assistants

co-located with

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2023)

The purpose of this interdisciplinary workshop is to facilitate discussion around writing assistants, thereby enhancing our understanding of their usage in writing process and predicting the consequences. To this end, we strive to bring together researchers from the human-computer interaction (HCI) and natural language processing (NLP) communities by alternating our workshop venue between HCI and NLP every year.

This year, the workshop will consist of two parts. In the first part, to understand the landscape of writing support tools, participants will collaboratively create a taxonomy of writing assistants. In the second part, based on topical categories identified during the first part, participants will collectively discuss the current status of writing assistants and potential research agendas.

This year the workshop will be held on Sunday, 23rd April at CHI 2023 in Hamburg, Germany.

The workshop will be in-person only.

⬇️ Examples of new forms of human-machine collaborative writing. ⬇️

Integrative Leaps
(Singh et al., ToCHI 2022)

(Yuan et al., IUI 2022)

Beyond Text Generation
(Dang et al., UIST 2022)

(Mirowski et al., arxiv 2022)

Important Dates

  • Paper submission deadline: 23 February, 2023
  • Paper acceptance notification: tbd
  • Workshop date: 23 April, 2023

Call for Participation

Writing assistants have become increasingly ubiquitous, and these tools will impact how we write. In our workshop, we, as an interdisciplinary group of people from HCI, NLP, and industry, will create a taxonomy of writing assistants and discuss their desirable features and potential consequences.

To attend this in-person event, we ask each participant to submit a 2-page position paper on their perspectives on writing assistants, potentially responding to one of the following prompts. Participants will be selected based on demonstrating in-depth thinking about some aspects of writing assistants. Although non-archival, selected participants can have their papers hosted on the workshop website.

Specific topics include, but not limited to:

  • What are important dimensions to consider when designing intelligent writing assistants?
  • How can we evaluate and compare writing assistants and their features in interactive settings?
  • How do we design writing assistants for underrepresented languages, types of writers, and writing tasks?
  • How can we make writing assistants more accessible and inclusive?
  • What do you think are the biggest ethical concerns and limitations of writing assistants, especially when leveraging AI?
  • How do we address legal issues with copyright and the psychological sense of ownership of writing assistants?
  • How will writing assistants change the way we write?


Submissions can have multiple authors; upon submitting, you will be asked to list the number of authors intending to attend the in-person workshop.

Submissions should follow CHI publication formats.

Position papers will be submitted through OpenReview. Link to submission page to come!

Questions about submission can be directed to

Tentative Schedule

Timezone: Central European Standard Time (Hamburg, Germany) - GMT+1

Time Event
09:00-10:25AM Welcome, keynote, and group formation
10:25-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-12:00 Explore tools and create initial categorizations (in small groups)
12:00-01:00PM Lunch break
01:00-02:15 Merging and finalizing categories, making new groups
02:15-02:30 Coffee break
02:30-03:30 Discussion and sharing
03:30-03:45 Coffee break
03:30-05:00 Dicussion and sharing; wrap-up


You can contact the organizers by emailing